Trajectories of loneliness and objective social isolation and associations between persistent loneliness and self-reported personal recovery in a cohort of secondary mental health service users in the UK

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I used to be very shy but then got the idea of watching YouTube videos of happy people talking to camera, and then consuming a reward such as hot chocolate or sweet juice drink while watching. I usually mute the audio and imagine them saying nice things to me such as ‘I like you, I accept you’ etc.

It takes about 6 month of daily watching to get a strong effect but it worked for me.

Here’s an example video,

Here’s another example video

That’s actually amazing, I tried it for 30 seconds and it was weird but fun. I can see it working, how did you come up with this idea?

I came up with the idea after doing a lot of research into brain training. The basic premise of it all is that the brain is a learning mechanism. That’s the sum total of it, the brain learns. It’s like training a dog.

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Another possible reward to consume while watching is sweet melodic music.