Traits of Schizophrenia

Hi again, I know some of you said try the hypochondria/Anxiety forum for support. I think though that I have traits of schizophrenia.

Maybe I’m imagining it, I don’t think so because of my thoughts and I thinking all weird stuff. I mean realistically I’m not at all sure I don’t have some form of schizophrenia. I’m going to go through everything with my psychiatrist. I’m going to tell him everything and ask is it really the first and only line of treatment, antipsychotic medication for hypochondria. He never said anything about this medication being for anxiety and depression.

What other types of psychosis are there that are treated with antipsychotics? One of you mentioned other psychosis, I’m just wondering what they are?

I think my psychiatrist isn’t telling me all. I mean I’m doing very good on the Abilify, but it’s not being prescribed for depression and anxiety, but hypochondria which isn’t the usual treatment antipsychotic medication.

I do think I belong on this forum until my psychiatrist tells me he is not treating schizophrenia. I think that’s exactly what he is treating me for and I think things are now becoming clearer for me like he said they would.

Any thoughts on if I have traits of schizophrenia?

You don’t. Please accept that and listen to your doctors.