Training to become interpreter/translator

I just had my first English-to-Korean translation training last week and I’m nervous about the next assignment.

But translation can be an interesting work- so far my training is focused on news articles.

In year 4, I will receive training on interpreting.

My expertise is Korean-to-English translation but it’s always good to try a different field in translation.

I reckon the training will be hard but I guess I’ll try my best.


it’s nice that you are working hard on it =)
I hope the assignments will go well!

I think interpreting must be really hard… i’m always impressed by how people do that… like keeping up with what they saying and translating at the same time.

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I’m glad you are working on this.


Sounds cool. Good luck. :shark::shark::shark:

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I’m sure you’ll do great!!!

Good on you, @anon10648258 . Wish you all the best

Good luck Laetitia. I believe in you :slight_smile:

I believe in you!

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That sounds like good stress, that’s a good thing. Get you up and doin’.

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Are you’re going to be specialise further? Literature, legal documents, etc.?

I might! Or I may go to graduate school for a completely different major (e.g. psychology)

I have a feeling you will do greaaaatttt!!!

@Abise @NotSeksoEmpirico @Cragger @GrayBear @CoCo @Ninjastar @eek @StarCrazy @Wave @lekkerhondje

Thanks y’all! First assignment submitted!


Thats great, good for you.

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