Training to be a Mental Health Nurse

Just chiming in, doing landscaping you will be outside and getting plenty of exercise two things that are good for mental health.

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This is very true. I have lost 15 kilos since March

Even better, I bet if you think about it, your symptoms might have been better. I do very little exercise but when I do I find that at least I think better.


I think that deferring the decision for one year is an excellent idea.

Going to school during COVID would likely be primarily online which doesn’t provide the same educational experience as in-person learning. Also, landscaping is a really good job to have during COVID since it is an outdoor job.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

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Thanks @Moonbeam

I think keeping options open at this point is for the best.

Who knows how long this Covid situation is going to last. If we get another wave this year, or even next, it’s really going to cause a lot more disruption.

Hope you’re staying safe. This really does suck on so many levels with Covid

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I have deferred the course until next year, and this should give me enough time to see if my Landscaping will work out.

It might cause a lot of paperwork etc, but I can survive of government support and my savings for 9-12 months, assuming I get no Landscaping work.

To be honest, the prospect of having my own business being a success is a risk I want to take. I watched a video where Elon Musk said he thought there was a 5% chance of Tesla and Space X working. I know I am not quite in that league, but I have a confident type of pessimism like he does to give it a go.

Hopefully this was the right decision

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I was working as a PCA or what some would call a CNA. Personally found it too stressful. Gave it up. I still work in healthcare, but now in housekeeping in long term care. I get paid pretty good still, less stress, and still get to interact with the residents. Not as much room for career growth but doesn’t have the accountability, stress or responsibilities as nursing. I may just be a janitor but I get to make residents laugh sometimes…

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