Training cage for the puppy....ordeal but doable

at night the puppy is in a crate until it wakes up to go to the bathroom about twice a night. Angie sleeps next to the pup in her bedroom so she takes him out…she is doing all the training mostly…I just pet the pup a lot…anyways, because of the crate we hardly ever have any mishaps of the pup going inside the house ! yayyy… haha


Aww, how sweet! Do you think we could maybe get a picture?

Here’s Chloe sleeping peacefully. And yes, she is smack in the middle of my bed.


@jukebox. While it’s really nice that you’re helping the puppy, I can’t help but wonder what will happen when your neighbors notice that you have their puppy? What if they accuse you of theft?

Maybe consider contacting the local humane society to find out how best to protect the puppy while avoiding any potential legal problems for you and Angie.


we don’t care if they try anything like that legally…we saved the puppys life as far as we are concerned. I appreciate your concern.

I’m sorry @jukebox but I voiced my opinion on this last night on your other thread.

You have to be very careful because your neighbor may have a case of theft against you guys.

Like @Moonbeam suggested, at least protect yourself and contact an organization like the Human Society or ASPCA.

They can at least guide you in the right direction.

Good luck …

Are there any lost dog signs around? Did the puppy have a collar when you guys found him? Did he seem well cared for? I would advise you to put up found dog signs around the neighborhood. That way, they can’t claim that you stole their dog should they not contact you about pup. Just an idea.

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