Toxic environment

Hello everyone,
I am writing here because I don’t think anyone else will understand me! Lately, apart from positive-negative symptons, depression, and OCD, I am feeling very anxious, and my memory has betrayed me many times. I feel, as my doctor said, that people are toxic for me, and I have psychosomatic symptoms, like I feel I am not healthy inside me, and I won’t live for long. I am still young now, but I think I will die soon. I am on therapy, but as my friends say, it takes time to get over my symptoms. My doctor says, that believing other people are bad is pretty toxic and it comes from the illness, it’s not real. I hope you could help me with your experiences?

i can relate a bit…

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I think sz people are much better than the other ones, so, that’s why I said that here you will understand me.