Town got crappy post 2008

this town got crappy after the housing boom ended i almost did not need my meds people would help me out so much and were really nice and there were pretty girls everywhere now there are low lifes and ■■■■ heads everywhere very stressfull

I’m hearing that. When you get more poverty you get housing and other problems. A sign of the times and your not the only one I think you’ll find.

I would love to live in the country again.

It was pretty perfect with my x and his dogs but if I was to live in the country by myself in a house I would worry about getting raped and robbed perhaps and also not being able to fix things.

I loved that area where I used to live but I don’t know if there was lots of crime or not.

That area is more poor than the area I live in now yet I favour the poorer area.
I was happiest as a country chic but that was thanks to the great partner I had and his dogs too .

It was pretty perfect.

But what was pretty perfect is worth about a tenth of what houses here are worth.

The area I live in now is much more expensive.

Before covid19 people said g’day but now they sometimes don’t say hello back when I say hello.

It’s a friendly enough neighbourhood I guess but some people clearly don’t like me like the local dog trainer and some chics who work at Coles and some at the gym and where I agist etc etc

My favourite area to live was the poorer place.
Only a tenth of what houses here are worth.
That’s a big difference.

I am thankful though.
I live in a beautiful place.
I could never afford to buy or rent here but get cheaper rent because I live in family apartment.

I want to move back to my x.

Appreciate having a home though.

Lots of people who work very very hard can’t afford to live in this area so i have it good I have a place to live.

It’s not the friendliest neighbourhood to me and I avoid some people but I have difficulties with most people.

It is not a high crime area thankfully.
Hope it will remain that way.

South Australia :australia: :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: out country with x n dogs da best.

I’m in NSW now and living by myself with my dog.

People might be angry if they lost work and can’t afford to live here anymore due to covid19 and I don’t even work at all and can afford to live here.

A guy I was seeing was jealous of me I think because he couldn’t afford to keep living here and had to sell his place and move somewhere a cheaper neighbourhood.
Can’t date a guy jealous of me and always angry at me.

The worst neighbourhood I ever lived in was a place in Sweden where I was bullied every day and I was a sl ut without wanting to be and never had a boyfriend and was treated so badly and was sometimes raped too.
It was supposed to be a fancy neighbourhood but to me it was disgusting people with disgusting behaviour.
Everyone in that neighbourhood had to wear the same clothes unless they were popular then they could get away with not doing so.
I had the worst times of my life I think in this hateful place with hateful people.
There was no love for me there only hate and being treated horribly.

I would not want to live in a city.

I’m a country gal at heart.

I live in a town now I think.
It’s not tiny nor huge.
Has some shops n cafes.
Close to ocean beach and forest.

The richer neighbourhood isn’t always the best.
Not always to me anyway.

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