Totally Weirded Out

Ok I just got home from sheetz. I panicked today and thought someone had been in the house. Well I just got home and saw an “Adarol” Supplement or herbal supplement. I had never bought these. I find it all weird. I mean I got in a fight with my ex, his mom tried not to give me my stuff it was a hard day. Mom cleaned my room and has been mysteriously showing the house off to people while my dad’s in Malaysia. Ok so the bad thing is that these pills are white capsuls and no ID on them or regulation. I’m throwing them away. I also read it comes with 2 these had 4 in them and had been already opened and were sitting in plain site. Totally freaked out.

There is also a really tall ladder placed against the screen leading up to the top outside porch where my mom’s room is which is a little odd. I actually called the police that’s how freaked out i was and they came. That was embarassing but I can sense when something’s up. My mom also said she never saw them so why were they sitting in plain site after she cleaned my room.

Anyways, it’s friday the thirteenth and I’m 25 so I’m staying home today most likely or going around doing more job searching at the temp agencies with my friends. I mean who knows what kind of powder is in there: it could be anthrax, heroine, cocaine, angel dust or that crocodile stuff that makes your body eat itself.

I DONT DO THAT ■■■■. I may hang onto it and send it to be tested to see if its lethal.

Just asked around none of my friends put the ladder up. It looks heavy too.

Just leave it alone-or throw it away!
Talk to your mom about your feelings ( assuming you do on a regular basis ) Sounds like you are having a rough day.

Oh when will we be able to rest?!