Totally Irrelevant Poll: Do you floss your teeth?

I’m in a goofy mood right now and I’m flossing my teeth as we speak. Is that rude? Anyway, I thought a “Totally Irrelevant Poll” was in order.

  • I floss daily.
  • I’m going to say I floss daily, but really I’m lying.
  • I floss a couple of times a week.
  • I floss less than a couple of times a week.
  • What’s floss?

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first lol of the day man… I’m going to say… really I’m lying…

I use those one and done little tooth pic floss combos… I do well to brush at least once a day and when I feel like I need to freshen the breath… if I noticed some oddness in the nitches I’ll take a pick to it… I don’t do all the teeth. just the front 8 or so.

2 Dental visits a year and it is kind of the minimum but it does keep things from degrading.

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Flossing the most underrated activity in history

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We got a water pick and that really helps to keep them smooth after a cleaning.

Some days I’m just so swamped, I just brush. I gotta stop that it’s when I get more depressed.

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Flossing is part of my routine

I get very upset when my routine is not executed


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