Totally Devastated

So did my usual volunteering day down in the city at the cricket club. It’s a 45 minute trip away with a good run. I usually go when the traffic isn’t too bad but today there was a public holiday. I heard that earlier a trailer had come off a truck and blocked the highway so going into town this morning the traffic was nuts…

Anyways. Got off a little earlier than usual and traffic was just a nightmare. I crawled 60 kms to home at a snails place. I’m older and I’m getting bursitis and things in my hip joints and gawd it was a trip from hell. I’m way too old for that kinda punishment but I’m glad I’m finally home.


That must have taken ages to get home… im glad you finally home … please rest up … :slight_smile:

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oh my butt starts hurting if I drive too long or sit in the car…sorry man…


Yeah it was like 2 1/2 hours and it was nuts. My ass was so sore and yes @jukebox. You know it!


That’s called a normal daily commute in the SF Bay Area, at least prior to the pandemic and teleworking from home. :grimacing:

I hope you’re feeling better after getting some rest.

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I hope you feel better by now.

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