Totally bored

■■■■ this life…

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Let’s get excitement! What was your best memory?

Let’s recreate.


I don’t want to go to the past . The past is over . Need to live life today

I suck in every memory

I remember everything, I want to recreate the scenario between

my sorority sisters and me, and finding some kind of supposed friendship.

It might help online.

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Idk how to love myself

dude what now? what are you going to do?

What do you mean ?

I think I can not make it clearer what I wrote.

Ian going to sleep

Idk what I am going to do I am in a trap

sleep well. tommorow new chances

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what kind of trap

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Trap of disastrous life

you can not escape that trap. Unless…

I would rather not have been who I am. But what choice do I have? I can move, but then I can not escape my problems. It is impossible to escape from it. But it must be possible. I am still looking for a possibility.

Praying to the moon might give you power

I can pray as much as I want. Nothing changes.

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This post is basically the same as the one I started last evening called, “Not enough activities.” You might go there and see what people suggested I do.

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You then start writing and repeating positive statements