Torture with medication

Are psychiatrists torturing their patients with the medications they dole out?


Medications have side-effects but it doesn’t equal torture.

Abu greib prison equaled torture.

I think in hospitals they do, they farse out maxiumum dose and unnecesarry medication. I was screaming of restless legs due to quetiapine and doctor didnt change the med for me


Psychiatrists are the smartest doctors around. They wouldnt give you bad medication. Take your meds

Psychiatrists are there to help.
I think they care for us, the majority of them, anyway

Why on earth would anyone want to torture you?? Especially doctors!?

Eat your meds!

I was close to hanging myself in hospital. Ligature point above my bed. Went through extreme torture due to drs negligence in having little compassion or consideration i had an allergic reaction to a med they gave me. Had to get an outside dr to change the med by luck as it was considered an emergency by them, and the outside dr ordered to take me off immediately. I was so close to ending my life. And no one cared where i was at. I was in so much pain. Its undescribable. That’s just one instance.


No. Why are you posting increasingly bizarre crap lately - are you unwell?

Yes, I experienced psychiatry as torturous. No, I don’t think that was generally their intention.

Their experience was that they were helping me. I think they were rather clueless as to how to. But then again, I too would be clueless as to how to help someone severely psychotic. And would probably give them meds as well.

My experience is that psychiatry was the most abusive thing that ever happened to me. Benzo withdrawal caused psychosis. Overdosed haldol caused a zombie-like state that I experienced as torturous. I was nearly killed by psychiatry several times (f.e. suspected trombosis as side effect). Docs later said they were relieved their colleagues didn’t kill me by ignoring such signals. There was a lot of violence and nasty boundary-crossing in the wards, by both staff and fellow patients. Even a near murder. They chained me to a bed, violently undressed and isolated me for non-violent futilities like quietly praying in a corner. They jokingly read each other my diaries while keeping me stuck to a bed. They protected abusers. I begged for therapy and was blocked from accessing such basic care. And more.

I don’t think it is bizarre to experience that as abusive and traumatic, even if when they didn’t see it that way. I think it is bizarre that it is not recognized as such.


Doctors are the smartest and most compassionate people in the world. Sounds like you need a med increase.

Doctors are people. Not Gods. You seem to confuse the two.

People come in all varieties. There’s compassionate and smart doctors and convicted serial killer doctors. And everything in between. Being a doctor doesn’t automatically make one a perfect person.

I think you should refrain from telling everyone you disagree with that they are crazy and need medication. My doctor thinks I am fine, I am coherent, and I don’t need more meds. I trust him over you, if you don’t mind?

Speaking out about the bad sides of psychiatry, doesn’t make one crazy and in need of meds. It means one wants to see changes, so that other people aren’t getting hurt. Are getting better care.

Perhaps you could give logical arguments, as to why you think each and all doctor and med is perfect, and traumatic experiences can’t happen in psychiatry? Instead of saying everyone who disagrees needs to be drugged out of their opinion?


In Russia they torture mental patients with large doses of Haldol. They ought to ban that drug. I’ve never talked to anyone in person who liked it.


I think haldol has it’s place. It quickly zombifies me and zombies can’t think or feel, which can be useful in some situations. Like extreme fear. Doctors need to be a lot more honest though that many patients are horrified by the effect of it (and start to fantasize about suicide, as I did). And seek for alternatives, whenever possible.

I don’t know if I would say you’re being tortured, but you definitely are being abused.


I think most of them have an intent of helping, even if I experienced it as torturous. I think abuse is the better word indeed. And I’m sorry if I’m fierce about it, but what happened to me - but also many friends and acquaintances! - just upsets me. I want people to be treated better. Their voices to be heard.


They do the best they can, but the system is far from foolproof. They have to process a lot of people, and they can’t give the needed care to everyone.


There’s some people who work in psychiatry because they love the sense of control and power over vulnerable people. They ruin the whole thing. The system doesn’t clean itself well.

But I also met many a nurse, and some docs, who expressed genuine care and empathy. My nurse said she was so frustrated, because their money was cut and cut…so they couldn’t help people as they wished. I indeed think it’s important to see the willingness of many. I could never do their work, I would break down from all the suffering I witnessed.

Working with the mentally ill can be very punishing work. I had this one professor at college who said that once you’ve worked as a clinician for six months the whole world starts to look like a cesspool. I can see how psychotherapy could punishing, dissecting people’s minds the way they do. That same professor said that one time he met a girl who was saying she wanted to be a psychiatrist because she wanted to help people. He said he wanted to ask her, “Do you want to have execrement smeared on you? Do you want to hear vicious insults about your mother? Because that is something you have to deal with as a psychiatrist.” The system doesn’t have the resources it needs right now. We need to fill a few gaps.

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I don’t think Psychiatrist are any more smart than other doctors. What makes you think so?