Topic of alchohol

Doctors told me the same… But what about pills, like fake ex. I don’t think it it a psychedelic @Seboltion

I hate drinks it make me very dull,not aggressive at all, exactly the opposite

Ask you doc for gabapentin… high dose… it keeps wants away and gives focus to life… try it its a game changer. Im amazing at mario when the gaba is working lol…

So its like super coffeine?

Nay… i have no other example that compares… your just happy…

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Maybe I ask her if xananx like other benzos didn’t have effect on my

Couldnt hurt to try if it works its awesome if not you tried.

alcohol is ok for me i feel good when i drink and i never get a hangover even if i drink too much in a night, i didnt drink often but when i did i would have like at least 4 shots or beers and i dont think it has any effect on my psychosis or meds because my meds make me feel almost completely normal, i think i like how i feel sober better than when im drinking now because i like to have a clear mind and not feel slowed down so i pretty much dont drink at all now and when i do i only have like 1 or 2 drinks

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