Topic freezing in Conversations

Do you feel stuck on a particular topic when in convo with someone, unable to think of something new?

I can be around people and I cannot bring up another topic it’s like I am at a dead end.

The key to a good convo, is being able to switch subjects and not squeeze the current one dry.

I hate being left on the phone with somebody I like and being unable to expand the conversation.

It makes me seem dull and dim witted.

Being able to bring up current events and be interesting is a talent in socializing I think.

And when we talk to each other it’s nice to do it at a thought or one line at a time. Watch your manner in how you respond to each other.

Don’t divulge all your info at once because you want to create intrigue in the convo.

Give little info then see if the other person asks a question but don’t ruin it for them by too much info all at once.

Same goes for texting. Try to respond to them line for line. And don’t put what you have to say before theirs unless it’s your turn to text.

Well thanks for reading if you have any tips please add on.


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That’s me for real lol

There is a wheel in my head with everything on it. It hovers about like a flying saucer. This wheel has all my topics on it just waiting to be dished up. But the wheel spins so fast I can’t get a hold of anything and offer up a true meal. So it’s a noodle here and a dash there…

Sometimes I ended up talking about three things at once, and joining all the sentences together in a salad.

I find I have to concentrate more and try and slow that wheel down and even if I manage to hear what the other person is saying and answer with an… “Oh, I get it.” Then I’m doing better then answering a simple question with the vastness of a grain of sand.

I have to breathe, be patient, concentrate and listen. I’m working on that.

One thing I credit this site with helping me with… I’m getting better about staying on topic.

I know what you mean about running out of things to say …Part of the reason is I am not “up” with current events. I hate watching the news…it’s so biased and depressing…I usually end up angry if I watch it.
I don’t watch TV or go to the Movies…so there goes about 75% of all conversation topics. I have interests…but they are not good conversation pieces. This is especially difficult around people I know only slightly. Like at church. (which is really the only place I interact with people except in doctors’ offices and there you just need to reply politely.) My best friends are those that don’t get thrown by a long silence. My one friend I see occasionally --she is very hard of hearing so it’s good to be with her in the car…as her deaf ear is facing me while she drives…so silence is a good thing as she never can hear what I have to say anyway. LOL…SO my advice? Go find yourself some deaf friends. :slight_smile:


I’m such a know-it-all that I reply with a vast rain forest of words whenever asked even a yes or no answer because I tend to think other people are generally stupider than I am. I know this about myself, but when I see people in my management class doing a team building exercise and I have experience or book knowledge above what they have and I know they are wrong, I don’t even wait to be asked. I tell them.
Then again I go to a school where we have a writing proficiency exam you have to pass to graduate. Shouldn’t you know how to write BEFORE you are admitted into college?

I have met a some guys who can write computer code and make a computer sing, dance and take over the world, but they aren’t english majors and they don’t write communications very well.

Half my family is Mexican. I have some cousins who are smarter then me, more poetic then me, more eloquent then I can ever be… in spanish. One is very smart, an engineer. He has designed buildings and could build a bridge that will never fail… but English is his second language. So if he went to continue his studies in an American college to help the U.S. infrastructure brace against disaster… which is what he does… he has to take an English writing class. Which he is.

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You are over estimating the people here. I have yet to meet someone that brilliant studying at my college. Lots of the professors are very smart and I respect them very much, but most of the students are pretty dim bulbs. (note: most.)

Well mr/ms smarty pants I guess I’m not the only one who views this forum this way. I been in a lot of peoples shoes, like here at this site. So I know I aimed at many less fortunate people with SZ. Perhaps you are the one that can give me advice? If not then I give others the advice I wish I once had. That is the reason. Not that I am trying to flex my wits or anything.

it is a grave error men make, when they equate eloquence and the art of conversation to intellect. conversation is a pre-modeled thing, and speech itself is a form of expression, like painting. as such, there should be no standard for expression, or judgement of men based on their words. your conversations may come to halts simply because your mind doesn’t want to partake in dialogue, or the thought-for-thought-repeat exchange.


No! I don’t mean people on this forum! I’m talking about people at my college!!!
(and not all of them either.)

See even on here through text based communication. I do that a lot. Misread dialog and go off on a tangent with it I apologize.

I usually talk to people with common interests- whether its about lifting or something, whats going on with me personally (who have I been dating, who am I spending my time with ect.) or just catching up with friends on the weekends, I generally keep spontaneous but not random, thats the key. Random is sometimes just awkward and is sometimes a sign that you have schizophrenia (everyone on this forum does so yeah) or it can be funny. But my friends and I talk about lifting, our lifestyles, sex (big topic when young people hangout) partying, college, ect. I am at that time in my life when everything is new and exciting, people are all young and have their lives blank and fill in the pages of their story with whatever they want.

I for one enjoy dating, I hate not having partners or casual relationships. I basically need sex to feel happy and I feel like crap when I dont have it for a while. Like when I date a girl and shes all goody goody or not expressing any sexual interest, I just get frustrated. Dating guys is different because gay/bisexual guys are often more sexually active, dont ask me why. I myself am bisexual and quite casual about sex, I just think it’s fun, I dont wait till I think I love someone to have sex with them, but I am open to the idea of love. I just have been to hell and know that I am resilient to love after losing my ■■■■■■■ mind. I lost my mind, so why should I not expect to lose someone I fall in love with? See my logic there? I learned not to get attached to my sanity because it left me for over a year, so its hard for me to get attached to people.

I have a lot to brag about, I often do alot of the talking, as I am a powerlifter and honors student on a full scholarship heading towards research and grad school (I will be doing research for my undergraduate degree as well, behavioral neuroscience is a rather serious major, it preps you for research by making you get in labs, conduct your own experiments and write a senior thesis about your findings) and I am attractive so people generally just want to talk to me about whatever. Wow I am pretty narcissistic.

Like for example, I asked for three peoples numbers at a club after dancing (um more like sex with clothes on frankly) and they put my number in their phone right away and sent me a text to make sure I got their number, then they texted me later. They want to get coffee or go have a drink, and they mentioned it, I didnt have to ask them to get a casual date like I most often have to. Dancing without your shirt off as a 20 year old powerlifter makes people want to get to know you, I find, LOL

I just have to get myself out there and talk to people. I went to an international high school and am studying neuroscience so I strike people as not only muscular and attractive but smart. People at school in my program like me, I have made friends in from the psych department, they think its interesting that I was a stereotypical schizophrenic for a year of my life. (Im recovered now, thanks Pfizer corp. for making my meds)

I suggest getting out there and having fun. Take your meds, dont get drunk (a beer or two on antipsychotics is ok but any more is a no-no) if you do take a party drug, take a benzo, they are ok with alot of antipsychotics and commonly prescribed in conjunction with them, and benzos have antipsychotic properties so if anything they will just do you some good. I am prescribed but I dont abuse, I never take more than I am prescribed to take in one day (one every six hours is the limit for me).

If you arent into partying or clubs or that whole thing (its not for everyone, I am 20 and flooded with hormones) just have people over and offer them drinks and watch something or go out to eat and just talk about what interests you or funny stories you have.

DO NOT talk about schizophrenia. People are generally ignorant and unless you can tell they have something up psychologically themselves, its a bad thing to talk about. I save “I am a recovered schizophrenic” for psych majors or people who I dont think I will see again. But sometimes I question if something is real and ask a person im talking to “did that just happen?” and they always say “yes” and then im like “I have schizophrenia so I was sorta unsure, haha” but thats for people at the smoking spot at school or something, not for people you potentially see again. If I a person is well educated in science I might tell them, but they understand how the meds work and the nature of the illness so they speak intelligently with me about it, usually ask me questions like “does it run in your family? How old were you when it happened? What meds do you take? How long have you been recovered?”

before ringing or going out , i think of situations i might get myself into/conversations.
i write down topics which could help me if i struggle to think of anything on the spot.
take care

Oh don’t worry about it! I’m just glad only one person misunderstood. No problems :smiley:

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