Topamax for schizoaffective disorder?

I went to the hospital some time ago while I was having an “episode”. This one was primarily mood-related, which is unusual for me. I was manic. The ER doctor gave me ativan to chill me out, and wrote me a script for topamax. I looked it up and it’s an anticonvulsant that’s sometimes used to treat mood disorders. I took it and it worked! I felt good, no mood swings (and I’ve always had mood swings). The only side effect I had was tingling in my fingers and toes. Uncomfortable, but manageable.

Anyone else ever been on this? What was your experience?

I was on it for awhile It messed with pretty badly with my memory and mental state.

Its well known for making you adhd but at the same time losing an extra 50 lbs

I could lose some weight, but 50 lbs sounds a bit much. =/

Its different for everyone

The nickname for this med is called “Dopamax” - because it makes you Dopey (it frequently causes cognitive/memory issues)

Its usually not as effective on your moods as the other anti convulsants.

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In your internet browser type, “Topamax schizoaffective medication review.”

Thanks, that really helped!