Top Ten Signs Your New Date Won't Work Out

  1. He shows up at your house on a Unicycle

  2. He’s dressed in a housecoat and crocks for your dinner date

  3. He swears he got his herpes from a wrestling mat

  4. He pays for your movie using scratch and win lotto tickets

  5. His dream job is to clean up elephant poop at the Circus

  6. He yells into his cellphone “Pay me back what you owe me or you’re dead! Is that clear, Mom?”

  7. The Value Village tag is showing on his new suit

  8. He follows you to the bathroom and proposes outside of the stall

  9. He pees his name in the snowbank underneath your bedroom window

  10. His favorite activity is making balloon animals out of his genitals

Feel free to add your own! :wink:


I think I read a study that showed a majority of millennials think it’s harassment if a guy asks a girl out for a drink!

I’m not making this up!

There was no internet when I met my significant other.

We both went to see a local band play at a Club. I was standing in front of the stage when she walked up and asked me if we could share a drink. The rest is history!

I think I’d make a lousy on-line dater. I need the social cues…those subtle nuances of body language…to guide me.

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My new date won’t work out because it was only a dream. Damn.

Yea I’m a millennial I used to date all the time but since I’ve been feeling better I’m lost

Me too, I prefer parties and nightclubs.

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I met my gf in a nightclub. She came to me asking me about my life. We danced together and she gave me her phone number.


I asked her her phone number.

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Face tattoo’s. I’ve dated two girls with face tattoos. Never turned out well.

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@Patrick what is #2? You mean he cooks with a crockpot or he is wearing Crocs for shoes? Both bad in my opinion. lol

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I wish I didn’t have severe negative symptoms. I would have gotten a new gf now that I am single. I am stuck in this damn bed all day everyday. In a few years I will be old for nightclubs and parties :slightly_frowning_face:

I swear this one was my college boyfriend. FFfffff I had such low standards.

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I think it depends on context. If it is at the workplace, and he is in a position of power over her, yes. Because she doesn’t know if he will retaliate against her if she says no. Otherwise, it’s just asking someone out.

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That’s the tricky thing about workplace dating, isn’t it?

If you flirt with a female co-worker and she likes it, you can go on to get married and have kids.

If she doesn’t like it, you could get harassment charges filed on your employment record.

I think that’s why…for the guy anyways…you better make sure the gal is giving you the green light, so to speak…before you make any moves.


Oh, for sure. But also check your company’s policies on fraternization. Most have it explicitly spelled out that managers cannot date subordinates. If you both like each other enough, one of you will have to switch jobs. It goes for all genders, too. Mr. Star’s work has two women who recently got married. One of them had to move to another department to avoid a conflict of interest.

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Is it necessary to make fun of my work attire?



He’s not housebroken.

He’s a Satan worshipper and picks you up for your date in a hearse.

His hero is Jim Carrey and he cries while he watches any of his movies.

He demands to be called by his nickname “two inch Johnny.”