Top psychologist: IQ is the No. 1 predictor of work success—especially combined with these 5 traits

I’m just listening to this song I really like called Biko by Peter Gabriel (song around the world/playing for change)

It’s on youtube if you can look it up.

It’s a lovely song.

One of my bosses in the last couple of years moved me to the position of robot operator. I was trained by a fairly intelligent marine reservist, but he had to go take care of something else before both very complex robots were started up. I only had a few hours training, as I recall.

I started both robots. The supervisor came by, all excited, and asked me if I had started them both on my own. I said I had.

He exclaimed that was why he liked employing me: “Cause you’re smart!”

Decision makers have a love-hate relationship with intelligent people. On the one hand, they seem more difficult to manipulate and keep in their place. On the other hand, they really need them to run the machines and do the paperwork properly.

I listened to it. I didn’t dislike it or like it very much.

No wonder I’m unemployed! J/K

I didn’t read much of the article but I still think drive is more important than IQ for success.


Thats what I was trying to say.

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“I queue”?
I’m not a fan of queing, to be honest.
I’d rather order online and have it delivered to my place.


Sorry that you were, ambivalent? Miriam Makeba? Another person I consider exceptionally brave. I appreciate that quality. I just read up about Stephen Biko, from noticing the song… I read Franz Fanon when I was a teen. Quite interesting to me and influential in considering what race theories can do. I rejected my entire degree subject on that basis. :upside_down_face: Thought you might enjoy the sounds. Meant in a kind way. Sorry that you didn’t like or dislike it. But I guess its something to someone.

She was good.

Not as brave but songs I like.

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Thank-you. Very nice of you to share.