Top players will play in Glasgow soon

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Top badminton players will play in Glasgow of Scotland (JimBob, is it where you are? :smile:) from 21 August for a week.

World Championship.

I guess badminton is an unpopular racquet sport in many countries.

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Is it popular in your country, Zoom?

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It is very popular here. Thanks for asking, Tomasina.

Cool! Do you play badminton? I love badminton. But it’s not at all popular in Canada.

There are badminton players from Canada but I can’t remember their names.

Good to hear that you love badminton! I played many years ago. I am now a badminton fan.

Tomasina, I recommend this badminton magazine.

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Yes, thank you Zoom - a very informative link.

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For your information, Denmark’s player won the Men Single World Championship 2017!!!