Top of the morning to you. What are you doing today?

Today I will start my juice cleanse. I don’t know how many days yet because I’ve never done one before and I don’t know what effect it will have on my IBS. For beginners they recommend 3 days, but I may only last 1 day. Who knows.

My legs aren’t too sore from my workout yesterday so today I’ll workout again by walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes and doing some squats. Then I’ll workout my arms with the resistance bands for fun.

Then maybe I’ll work on my new photo album, got lots of photos to go through. And it’s bath day. Other than that I don’t have much to do. What are you doing today?


I’m flooded in today. Better to be flooded in then flooded out. So .I’m going to try to get some house work done. I’m Not very good at it


I’m driving an hour to meet a friend and then we are going to another city to go antiquing lmao. She is a wild card and I love her to death. I’m excited to hear about her new job in Boston. She got a job at a big design firm.


I’m sorry you’re flooded in. I know what you mean about housework, I’m not very good at it either. Just do a little piece at a time. That’s what my mom used to say. I have a tendency to try to do to much and make more of a mess than I do good. So just take one section at a time and get it clean and then move to the next section and you should be fine.


Oh how exciting for her. That’s wonderful news. And have fun antiquing.


@Leaf I’m used to being flooded in. It happens a few time every year. The creek will go down fast after the rain stops. The worst part is the piles of gravel left on the concrete slab, that cross the creek. I have every thing I need and I’m high and dry. So I good for the day or two.


Well that’s good news, at least you’re prepared. Stay dry.


I have just polished my new car, so it looks pretty good again. Apart from that I went to have a coffee and breakfast with my mother whilst she waited at the laundrette.

This afternoon I will do some chores, and probably have a nap.

I also have a puzzle I want to start, but not got round to that yet.


Heya leaf! Morning!

Today we’ve got the maids coming, so I’ve got to straighten up so they can deep clean. After that maybe some video games. All in all a lazy day I think. Might try to get some writing done.

Wishing you well!


I’m smoking a pork butt, then later we’re gonna make a pizza out of it. My mom is making a caramelized onion jam to go on the pizza, followed by the smoked pulled pork, then some sort of cheese. Should be good.


Cleaning today, vacuum under my desk and clean it, put stuff away etc


Music music music. Playing music to get ready for a show I’m doing at a Brewery next week. Maybe paint a little, freestyle with homies. Chat with my girlfriend. Resist the urge to talk to other girls (my gf lives in another state now…she hasn’t always and she comes back to visit, it’s not some Kip and Lafuanda thing a la Napoleon Dynamite) maybe animate some, clean my room, coffee and cigs, workout. Busy day considering I don’t do much lol!


I’ve been trying to check out the local gym all week, but I either seem to arrive in the evening just after their employee has left or their employee is sick that day. It’s been frustrating, but I’ll try again in an hour. I’m also going to the local walking track to try it today. It’s free, but it’s also crowded and cold because it is the upper level around the hockey rink. I was going to see if I could sign up for Aquafit and Aquaspin at the pool, but the classes are expensive and obviously tailored for retirees as they are only available during working hours.

Swapping out the conventional drives on my main automation system for The Squirrel today for 250GB and 1 TB SSDs to reduce power consumption. Trying to get my test system going as well.

Finally, a bit of housework, change the cat box, and make Swedish Meatballs (with egg noodles) for supper.


I am laying awake.

I woke up around 1am and have not been able to get back to sleep :zzz:.

It’s 3.38 am now and to late to take a sleeping tablet.

Today I will visit my sacred neigh is the plan and meet a couple of people.

I might watch Netflix too.

Can’t seem to get back to sleep :zzz:.

My mum is coming with me to my sacred neigh.
She leaves in a couple or few days.

We had a big fight where I accused her of stealing my license.
I said awful things because she lost my license but thankfully she found it again.
I apologised.
I adore her but she has been bad to me too.we have our moments.:slightly_smiling_face:


just recovering from my trip. I woke up at 8am this morning. I had been getting up at 6am during our trip. was going to start looking for work today, but decided to just enjoy my weekend and start looking for work Monday instead. i’m starting to get hungry, so I will make some chimichangas soon. that’s about it, just have to get used to my boring routine again. it’s unusually warm here for January, 69 degrees but rainy. so maybe I will sit on the covered porch some as well.


The Swedish Meatballs turned out very well!



They look amazing, you out did yourself


Evening y’all!

Today I went to training for work, for an hour and I got paid for it. It’s the second of 10 modules. At the end I’m getting a raise.

It’s a rest day pretty much. I’m planning on hanging out with friends tonight. Idk where, I’d like to have them over but my place isn’t hugely expansive.

Going to church in the morning. I drive to the city neighboring mine and get coffee at the Starbucks across the street. My family joins me there. I’m going to check out my uncle’s cars (he’s a car guy) and maybe get lunch after service if there’s time. Then I have a 5.5 hour shift at my work, in my current city.

Tomorrow will be busier, with work and all. I enjoy staying busy and keeping my mind clear and not overthinking. Socializing helps me, music helps me (Metallica), as does this forum! You guys rock! :v:


I spent a large part of today packing. We get the keys on the 15th.


Working out is tough,hope you can be consistent.I find some days it’s hard to go to the gym to workout

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