Top meds with no weight gain / side effects

What are the best ones any help?

Ive done latuda and am currently on abilify now…

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Latuda, haldol, and caplyta. Topamax too.




I’ve heard of haldol a lot on here I wonder what your guys thoughts of it are on here? I’m thinking of adding it to the mix

There isn’t any top meds. Everyone reacts differently to meds, we have different body chemistry. I tried Latuda, Abilify, Zyprexa, Seroquel and Risperdal. I am now on Risperdal since its the best med I have ever been on, no side effects.

You don’t know which meds will cause akathisia for you. They say Risperdal is one of the worse meds but it has been the best I have tried and according to studies its one of the most effective meds after Clozapine.


I’m on haldol and it’s the best med for me although I have these weird facial tics but I’ve been on antipsychotics for like 13 years so I don’t know


A lot of people get side effects I take it and I don’t notice anything major I’ve been on it for like 4 or 5 years I’m able to lose weight I lost 16 pounds since 3 weeks ago


How did you lose 13 pounds in 3 weeks?
I would like to do the same.

That’s awesome man I’m gonna give it a shot

Well I am lifting weights 4 days per week and doing cardio everyday and I eat 3 servings of fruit and carrots a half pound of spinach and a handful of walnuts plus 2 eggs a bowl of plain kashi cereal plus milk and then for lunch I have either a chicken sandwich or peanut butter sandwich or a can of sardines. For dinner I eat another veggie plus a plain baked potato or brown rice and chicken breast or salmon a lot. I limit red meat to one or two days a week. I eat a protein bar on days I workout. Everything I eat is extremely healthy. I don’t eat mayonnaise anymore I don’t eat cheeseburgers no fries no chips and the bread I eat with my sandwiches is whole grain seeded bread. I eat a bunch of fiber protien and healthy fats with this diet. I don’t eat unhealthy carbs. I have a bowl of oatmeal with breakfast a lot too. I don’t eat bacon either. But one of the reasons I’m losing weight is I used to drink at least 4 rockstar energy drinks everyday and a 6 pack of beer like 4 days a week. I ate red meat all the time and never ate fruit or veggies. I was eating horrible for a couple of years. Haldol is not for everyone but it is known as a weight neutral drug. I am eating strictly healthy things and exercising everyday. My advice would be to eat fruit and veggies and a lot of chicken and a lot of salmon. Trust me I’d love to just eat a steak and mashed potatoes and drink coke and al kinds of stuff. I’m eating for Heath not for taste. Message me if you want to know more.


Yea good luck. It’s weight neutral so most people are able to lose weight on it. People take cogent in or Benadryl with it to limit side effects. I only take 5 mg but you have to talk to your doctor about it because some people hate it. I don’t know your situation but if weight is your problem I’ve been lifting weights and doing cardio plus eating extremely healthy so it’s not just the haldol. But yea I like it that doesn’t mean you will


Thanks @matthewj!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Drink coffee do not drink fruit juice or anything with added sugar. My cereal has 8 grams added sugar plus maybe a little bit more but limit sugar as much as possible. I started eating a whole bag of spinach everyday that can be gross. Your not going to lose 16 pounds in 3 weeks I have a tendency to lose water weight at first so it’s slowing down. My diet was extremely unhealthy. You don’t have to be as extreme as me either. But yea good luck


Most people lose a pound of 2 per week!!!

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A lot of people with big changes to their diets and the addition of exercise can lose water weight fast just keep that in mind!

Topamax worked temporarily. I rather be fat than deal with my atypical side effects…

In my experience


Olanzapine is a massive red flag for me. I put on 35 kilos.

I understand your reticence not to put weight on

It has taken me years to recover my weight to be healthy again from Olanzapine

Now I am basically there. I had to take up a physically demanding job, go swimming 4x a week and take the above meds - and it’s finally under control!

Good luck my friend!


This is key!

For example, I’ve lost weight on clozapine, even though it is regarded as one of the worst drugs from a weight gain perspective. Funny things can happen… so you need to try in order to find out what’s the best choice(s) for you.



I’ve been slowly losing weight on Invega Sustenna with no noticeable side effects.

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