Top 6 Suspicious Scenario

Which ones are valid in your case.

  1. When the other end does not answer your phone, you will think he/she has rejected you. T/F
  2. When you are dining at the corner of restaurant, the waiter/waitress keep peeping, you will think he/she is scrutinizing you because you have not paid for the meals. T/F
  3. When a car is stopping by while you are walking, you will start worrying if the driver is spying on you. T/F
  4. After you slam the door of your house, your neighbor does the same thing too, you will think he/she dislikes you. T/F
  5. When you join into a conversation, the group of people suddenly keep quiet, you will think you are unwelcomed there.
  6. When someone has stopped talking to you, you will think he/she is ignoring you and drifting away from you.

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Anymore, anyone?

I forgot that thread like this feeds delusion. My apology.

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Cars that pause or stop and then roll on again freak me out and I get really paranoid.

When I walk up and people stop talking, I always think they were talking about me.

I do get nervous if the wait staff come’s around too often.

If I pick up the phone and the other person just hung up… that will really make me think I’m being spied on.

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I closed it just now. Now re-opened. Thanks.

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Better description, better English.

They are all just indicative of paranoia , I’ve had most of those