Top 10 Signs You're Getting Older

  1. You wheeze after climbing one flight of stairs.

  2. You’re teenage kids call the music you grew up with “Old day music”.

  3. Ear hair

  4. You’re ecstatic when your wife buys a new frying pan.

  5. You hurt your back…because you slept on it funny.

  6. You were born before they put a man on the Moon.

  7. I’m wheezing while I am typing this.

  8. Store clerks start asking you, “Senior’s Discount?”

  9. You comb your hair with a towel.

  10. The whole room scatters when you start saying, “I remember when I was your age…”

(Feel free to add your own!) :slight_smile:


Can’t remember what you went into a room for.


You wear your belt above your nipples! lol!


You think ‘Instagram’ is a really fast way to get weed from a dealer.


All of a sudden, your wife has this mini-cactus fetish…starts buying tons of them for around the house, and you’re secretly okay with it.


I have always done this. Didn’t know it was a sign of getting old!

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Kids all have laptops and cellphones today…we had Ball-in-a-Cup and a Slinky growing up.

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You’re favorite website is the Weather Network.

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You stop reading novels and return to comic books.


You wake up and mistakenly brush your teeth with your teenager’s pimple cream.

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Sometimes you stop to think what day it is and you aren’t sure.

Did this 30 minutes ago. I was kind of thinking it was Sunday. It took me a minute to figure out today is Tuesday.

I drive a lot slower than when I was younger. Now I tend to stay out of the fast lane. If I inadvertently find I am driving in the fast lane, I often will move over to the slow lane.

And when I used to get new cars (not brand new—different) when I was younger, one of the first things I would do is get on the freeway and see how fast it could go. I stopped that in my thirties. In fact now I rarely, if ever, go faster than 80 mph.


Yeah. I hear ya.

I stopped being a ‘lead foot’ on the gas pedal after the kids were born…for safety. Then I just got used to driving in a more calm manner.


You wear white socks with your sandals, and don’t care.

I have a van and here you have to drive 10 mph below the posted speed limit on dual carriageways and single track B roads.

The only place I can drive the same speed as everyone else is on the motorway.

It has made me a better driver.

I got a ticket for this years ago, so I am sticking to it, and I actually enjoy driving a bit more listening to my music

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Ballsack droopage


you wear a baseball cap to hide your bald head and try and look young (my dad anyway)

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  1. Your watch keeps moving

  2. The clocks still ticking

  3. The earth still spinning

And so on.

The overwhelming theme of mine is that you’re always getting older ok :ok_hand:

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