Top 10 Signs You're Addicted To This Forum

yes totally @gene did you see this picture of ducks also from Sweden

are you still online then @anon90843118 @Butterfly

You permanently keep the forum open in a tab on your mobile browser and check it at the weirdest ■■■■■■■ times, sometimes just to lurk and read.


You open a Say Anything thread and don’t mind the constant notifications and check them all.


You need a tshirt ilke this to remind you that people online are more important…to write cool comments later, and dont fall asleep with a bad mood instead, when back from school

Maybe item number 10 could be, “That’s it, i’m leaving, goodbye.” and some days down the road, “Hey guys, i’m sorry.”

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You get a notification that you’ve been on a streak

I even have it bookmarked on the top of my google page. :joy:

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I’m pretty sure you can mute those.

I think I remember doing it for a birthday thread I created.

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I’m here so much it’s ridiculous. I checked my stats and was like :astonished:


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