Top 10 Least Read Books On Fatherhood

  1. Tips on Being a Good Father- Hugh Hefner
  2. How to Watch Sports Every Minute You Are Not Working Or Sleeping- Joe Blow
  3. How to Avoid Child Support and Paternity Suits
  4. How to Create Multiple Baby Mamas On Welfare
  5. Why the Hell Did I Become A Dad?
  6. All Those Lost Weekends- A Dad’s Journey
  7. I’d Rather Play Golf Than Take Care of the Kids
  8. All the Fantasies I’ve Had of Women Other Than The Mother of My Children
  9. Private Parts- Howard Stern
  10. How the Hell Did I Become A Dad

I don’t get the premise of the post, the title, and how it relates to these ten books…but my dad tries to care sometimes, but comes short in proving it to me. Hes scared to go out of his comfort zone, to care about 99% of the things I care about. Like when I talked about the technology (he’s an engineer) of the music I make he seemed interested, then for the first time ever I brought up the actual music to him and he gave me the cold shoulder and completely ignored me, might have heard a “hm”. He doesn’t try to invest interest into my interests at all. My dad is also a very narcissistic person, prideful, person. Like we will never be on the same page, because I never laugh at his corny jokes because I hold a pride against him too, and since I don’t laugh at his jokes he will hold a grudge against me. U would think he’d be a bigger man and be ego less towards his son but he holds bigger grudges than I do against him. Some days are better than others but today he piss me off.

My Dad moved to another state to avoid child support payments and I literally spent most of my teenage yeas seeing him for 2 weeks per year. He cheated on my Mom, watched lots of sports, drank a lot of beer and although I know he loved us was a less than responsible man. I hate the extent i am like him and the step father who replaced him during that time and that is a big part of the reason I never want kids or to even be a step-father. I am making fun of bad Dads in that post and mourning the examples I had at the same time.


Sorry :neutral_face: about your bad experiences with papa. I understood, but think you worded the title wrong Idk. I’m not trying to say my experiences are as bad as yours, but sometimes I wished my father wasn’t in my life. He was there physically and financially but never there in any other way. I used to be more pissed at him and he would obviously be in complete denial. In my schizophrenic fantasy world that I used to cope with reality, I didn’t have a father in my life because I didn’t think he did anything for me, even though he was physically there. Just venting. In my music I don’t diss my family in any way but it feels good to vent in this thread. If I had a kid I would show I love my kids much more than he did. Kids are precious it seems my dad only keeps me around because my mom tells him to. He’s quirky and when I was sick he would kick me out a lot instead of trying to help me.

Don’t forget “Cheating With the 18 Year Old Babysitter and Getting Away With it for Dummies”.


“The Condom Broke: Tales of a Reluctant Father”.

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'One Night Stands: Unplanned Fatherhood Horrors Tales" By Edgar Allan Poe.


I love my Dad from a distance.

Actually I don’t remember my Dad striking up a conversation with me until I was about 17. Wasn’t really the Dad I remembered from childhood.

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This may be a sad one to add but what the heck. “Fatherhood”- Bill Cosby.

They Call Me Daddy - Bill Cosby

“Who’s Your Daddy?” by Ron Jeremy with a forward by John Holmes.

Kind of similar, but in my case I never met my arsehole dad.