Top 10 Jobs I Would Not Want to Have

  1. Taking care of dementia patients
  2. Ukrainian military strategist
  3. Having the job of giving a folded flag to Mothers of dead soldiers
  4. Sanitation worker
  5. Handing out the report card of a kid who failed a class or facing a parent of a kid or the kid himself complaining about a bad grade
  6. Putting down a riot
  7. The complaint desk
  8. Restaurant job involving cleaning up or making the food
  9. Being at a kissing booth
  10. Telling a patient with schizophrenia that you have to remove the only drug that works for his hallucinations due to side effects

I would not like to be the guy who checked my prostrate. The guy stuck his finger up my bum and he didn’t even give my flowers first or take me to a movie. It made me feel cheap and used.

You forgot being admin


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Speaking of movies…

During one of my psychotic episodes, I was at my local video store and asked the clerk what a good movie was for my little twin girls. He suggested…

Free Willy

I thought he was making fun of me…as in…take your ■■■■■ out of your pants…ya know, Free Willy…Willy meaning your knob. I thought the whole world had seen me take a leak outside in a parking lot, and they were making fun of my dick.

Man I was messed up! lol!

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This reminds me of the time I or a friend had just got their license and we’re driving by this adult movie store and it’s his idea to yell “Hi dad!” in little kids voices so we do and this guy visually freaks out and ducks behind some cars.

I still shudder at these things we did…we were such hooligans…not a care in the world for what we were doing to people.

There I said it…some of it.

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Another time the Call Display name on our home phone came up as…“Peter Long”

I told my wife not to answer it as it was obviously a fake name. Ya know ‘Peter’ as in ‘■■■■■’…and ‘long’.

I thought it was a fake porno name by the local Radio Station and they were continuing to persecute me.

I’d hate to be the person that everyone who’s flight was delayed goes to…

My brother used to have his caller ID come up as : Eric Shin.
Even got it on his name badge at a trade show.

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