Took Ritalin at 9:30 pm before bed by accident

Last night I mistook Ritalin for serequel. It was an ordeal and took until well past 12 to get to sleep. Had to take 50 mg Ativan and 200 mg serequel to get me to sleep


Eek! Could you sleep through the night?

Fell asleep around 2 am

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Considering that the ritalin was essentially an overdose I hope you were not overdosing when you took the other stuff. One sleepless night will not kill you. Too many drugs can. I understand because I used to do that crap myself. Just a friendly warning.

It was 5 mg of Ritalin , no OD and it was only 5 mg Ativan not 50. That would be od for sure

Good to know. If you do have more problems with taking the wrong drugs at the wrong time use a pill divider. That helped me a lot.

I have a pill thingy I used to use, now I have two large drawers

Well I don’t know what to tell you there other just be careful.

Do you have ADHD?

I think I have chronic fatigue syndrome, no adhd

I think it goes without saying that, in general, people with schizophrenia should not take stimulants such as Ritalin.

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In general I would agree, especially if your having positive symptoms. But after years on invega I have very few positive symptoms like hallucinations. Still I have to be highly vigilant taking Ritalin, if I get unusual positive symptoms I cut back or stop the Ritalin entirely. For me the risk is worth taking because my negative symptoms leave me feeling like a shell of a person and taking modafinil and Ritalin help with that immensely. I’m basically bound to my bed without them. I’m at a dose of 15 mg Ritalin a day and 400 mg modafinil, and I can’t function without them.

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