Took my meds went to bed and now Im up at 4am

Hows it hanging?

Its hot as blazes and sticky, I live next to a river. Its just insane. I tried taking my medicine early so that I would have the drowsiness side effect kick in right around when I actually get tired but I fudged it and now its 4am and I’ve had 4 hours of sleep.

All I can say is bugger.

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I didn’t even take meds. I don’t know why. My whole night was screwed up so I said f it. At least it cooled down here tonight. Sorry it’s hot there.

same for me, ive been waking up 3 or 4 am everyday for the past few days, just started zoloft a week ago tho so im assuming thats it

B vitamins, calcium and magnesium help.

I would try b vitamins, calcium and magnesium.

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