Took cymbalta, feeling better

So i decided to go permenantly on cymbalta and convinced myself sexual dysfunction is not a big deal and with sz symptoms i wont have a family. Im trying to function as much as possible and cymbalta looks like an option


I’m on Risperdal Consta and Celexa. They are both chemical castrators. I’ve long ago resigned myself to this after starting out kicking and screaming.

I love Cymbalta. I’m such a less anxious person with it and much happier.

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I love Cymbalta, but am allergic. For 3 days I felt the best. Then I turned into a lobster and had to visit the ER.

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My experience with Cymbalta wasn’t good. My suicidal thoughts actually increased when I was on it. Glad it’s working for you though. Hope things continue to improve.

I’ve been on 120 mg of generic cymbalta for years. Only one that works for me. Probably 9-10 years on it so far.