Took an arrow to the knee

Is actually Norse slang for getting married…lol…its also the reason why the man gets on one knee when asking…that’s hilarious…no wonder all the guards in skyrim can walk fine despite all these arrows to the knee…

I can’t believe they bow to her willingly.

Sure if you are going to get killed or tortured but out of desire?! Wtf is wrong with these poor fools?

I was lucky, they didn’t want me and let me go, hahahahahahaha! I’m broke, i’m sick, i have alot of problems, but that ain’t one. Everyone is ■■■■■■■ jealous as ■■■■ about it!

An arrow is the only thing that would bring me to my knees before her, i would literally have to be shot in my ■■■■■■■ knee to do that. These stupid assholes are doing it by choice though.

Sound a little upset at half the population…its hard to find love…but once you find it…its worth it .