Took a melatonin for 2 hours extra sleep


Actually took a “midnight”. It’s chamomil, melatonin and something else. I stayed st my moms house I told her I always wake up before 5 am and she said when I wake up to take one and I ended up getting two hours extra sleep. Feeling great now!! AA meeting at noon. My friend I met at the Saturday meeting said he’ll be there.


Some say melatonin is good for sleep…!!! What mg do u take…!!


It’s only 1.5 mg. But has chamomile and lavender and other natural herbs that calm u down. Takes 20 mins to kick in. It’s called midnight. You chew it up and it tastes like candy lol


Oh its candy like… i think u have therapy today…


Nope I’m free today I’m just going to AA.


For 2 hour right…


The meetings are 1 hour long. ! Iop is 3 hours long. But that’s tomorrow.