Too painful tobe Dr Zen

I find myself dealing with unspeakable pain , so much that the thought work is making me cry. why so bad, well physically I have hip and back , metal schizoaffective with paranoid tendencies. brought on at birth to old age. now how well this resolve it self, its not, so making the best tends to get me more entangled with bad or worse out come. in a proveradest way. having less money to recover on. id like too say I’m doing fine. but the truth matters to me and you. as I come closer to my 60’s i’am frightened by my fellow youngins don’t care in regards to old customs and may never. so I fight alone. and time is betting me.

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Are you looking forward to retirement?

I know it’s hard with forms and stuff Dr but is there someone who can help you try and get on social securit?. It’s hard when you have no retirement savings and you need to stop work but it really is in your best interests to try and get some assistance. Can someone help you start the process?

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