Too much trouble these days

Just when you think things are going good. A monkey wrench gets thrown into the picture. Today Was no example. I’ve been filing a stomach virus for 2 weeks. And I am finishing up with enzyme therapy. I went to the gas station. Am I radiator exploded. And that’s what I did all day long. Was replace a radiator in thermostat. In a 2006 Toyota Corolla. Even though I do not feel like eating. I’ve been having to cook for people. I made cheesy chicken Alfredo last night. They told me it was the best they’d ever had. My band members pick tonight of all nights. To come play at my house. The agreement I have with the police department. Is that I would not use my equipment after 9. As at our recording studio is in a trailer house. Life is tough, get a helmet, they say. So I’m off to the food bank in the morning. As my income does not support enough food for the household. I wish you all well. I have a good week. Your friend Dr Zen.


I miss you man…you have been scarce around here…sorry about the radiator. and you having stomach virus.

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