Too much time on my hands

Now that Angela is working I find myself with nothing to do while she’s gone.? I do my chores and try to stay busy but I’m alone most of the time now. I wish I had my guitar but that’s not until the beginning of november that I can get it back. I guess I could paint more. any ideas?

libraries always have fun, informative, free events going on here.


Have you considered some physicаl activity? Do you cook?

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Go window shopping for Christmas presents.

Go for a bike ride

Challenge your boredom by saying “I know I don’t want to know what I’m thinking but I’m going to sit (or lie ) here until the thought I don’t want forms in my mind.”

ahh, cooking! Have to wait for next month’s pay to do it but definitely there will be more cooking ! @Sarad

I would love to go for a bike ride but alas, no bike. I may just have to buy one soon. @NiceHat

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If time really was money, I’d be filthy stinking rich.

I second the library. That’s where I spend a lot of my free time.

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YOU CAN TAKE A CLASS IN GLASS BLOWING, IT IS A ART THAT SALES THESE DAYS.? and the startup cast is lower then most. and you can use scrap glass to cut cost too.

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