Too much insight

I got told once by a therapist that I have too much insight into my illness.

Yeah? What did the therapist mean by that?


I have no clue she didn’t elaborate. she just said that and then started asking more questions about my family history after that it went on to talking about my anxiety.

Insecure psych professionals get freaked out when patients have knowledge about their illness or about mental health in general. This opens up the possibility that the patient might pick up on any errors on the therapist’s part, and naturally the insecure ones don’t like that. The mature ones are generally thrilled when a patient is so engaged with the therapy and wanting to get better that they have actually done some introspection or homework.


Never thought of it that way, I just figured she didn’t know what to do with me and that’s why she passed me on to a different therapist.

Okay well that just makes it kind of funny (no offense meant). Like it was really a case of… “You have too much insight… I can’t just make ■■■■ up and still get paid. Better pass you on to someone else.”


Hi,she mean that you are fully aware that you are have schizophrenia.
Because some people will deny the symptoms and signs of schizophrenia which will make their management difficult.
This denial will affect their compliant to medication.

Regarding me ,i had poor insight about my illness for 8 yrs. i was just convinced that i have schizophrenia 2yrs back.

Have a nice day.

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What an odd thing to say…

I was just thinking about the time I finally got some insight to my illness… started getting a handle on some of the symptoms… my doc was so happy… he almost got human…

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So true… The less good ones are concerned about how THEY will be perceived, the good ones are concerned about how YOU will get better.

toning w not with being insightful is there.