Too much for one to bare

too much for one to bare

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I’ve heard too much evil!
I’ve seen far too much!
I’ve spoke things of hell!
My soul is now cold to the touch!

I’ve heard of pain and fortune
Of pure fear, lies and deceit
Things no one should ever know
Things one dose not care to meet

I’ve seen too much with my eyes
Images for once I won’t be free
Things that should be forgotten
But are now trapped inside of me!

I’ve spoken of tales and lies
The truth to the listening ear
Things I should never have spoken
Things causing anger, rage and fear

I’ve heard too much evil!
I’ve seen too much to take!
I’ve spoken lies and truth!
Like a witch, burn me at the stake!

Hear no evil?
See no evil?
Speak no evil?
For all i have failed!

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you are not a failure.
take care

Good poem…I like it.
Just one correction…in the title “bare” should be spelled “bear”
keep writing.

no i mean it to be bare

but thank for your comment

oh! okay. Sorry for my misunderstanding.