Too much caffeine

I loaded up on caffeine early this morning so I would have enough energy to get me through 7 hours of deep cleaning and scrubbing and packing. It worked, but now I can’t sleep. I’ve already taken 1.5 mg of Klonopin. I don’t like to go over 4. I try to only take 0.5 per 45-60 minutes. Give it enough time to see if I can sleep or not. So far nothing. I close my eyes and get comfortable and then just get annoyed that my eyes are closed.


Glad you were able to get through your busy day. Hope you can get some sleep too @LED.

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I drink a lot of tea and coffee. I try to mainly drink tea though. They both have a significant amount of caffiene. I find it has no effect on me. It seems like a very mild drug without any side effects.

Antipsychotics on the other hand are very harsh drugs with awful side effects.

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does caffeine have a bad effect on anitpsychotics/ schziophernia in general ? just wondering because sometimes I have 3- cups a day of coffee and I have found that it makes my symptoms a lot worse during the day.

It does for a lot of us, but not everyone. Some people are sensitive to a small amount and others can tolerate much more.

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thanks for your reply I was just wondering my doctor says drinking a lot of caffeine is bad for anxiety. also too much sugar has a negatitve impact too from what I heared.

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