Too many voices


What do you do when you are being so bogged down by the entities? I feel like I can’t hangout with my friends, or go grocery shopping and hiking with my mom. They are pre-occupying me completely. I can’t break through the struggle it is to disengage with the speakers and channel my own thoughts to my own voice.

You just posted they want to send you to hospital but you refuse. How can anyone help you if you refuse the help?

Other then that it will pass just hold on till that.

I’m not so sure the hospital is the right option, maybe I can see if the therapist can see me sooner. And then I won’t have to go in patient. Because they don’t very much help me there, rec room is great, but they make you around for ages and you miss half your Summer.

Reading through the first one you did post. There is no guarantee they will put you in hospital by what you wrote or is there? I think your best bet is just let them sort out the meds at least. But being the weekend you did kind of paint yourself in a comer. Hospital not really so bad. Some great people in there and you may make a life long friend or two.

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They don’t put people in hospital unless they are a danger to themselves and others.

You are very aware of a specific problem that you need some help with. They won’t put you in hospital for that.

As far as disengaging from the entities… I needed meds and therapy for that.

For a while there was no way I was able to pay attention to anything outside my head.

It took a lot of work to be in the now for short periods of time.

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You’re entirely right, I’m the victim of auditory, it’s all dormant now. I keep self-medicating. And the “medicine” is helping me keep impulses under control. I bet you met nice people at the hospital. Me too, got a friend I just visited from there.

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You have to find ways to cope. If a hospitalization would help you, I’ve heard it isn’t always a bad experience.

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it was pure brain fog. Didn’t eat, am self-medicating.

Rendering myself useless, driven to the point of corruption. What next? It’s identical to shame. Over grown, in an abundance of a melting point.

Cannot talk to anyone, the vocal input by the brain is immense. What do I do to sterilize it? Neutrality please. or something!!!

It’s bad to allow oneself to feel shame over minor mistakes. I’ve gone through that, I went three or more weeks without barely eating and then I stopped taking my medicine. I wasn’t self medicating, I was just overwhelmed by life and the illness. It’s not the end of the world but it can feel like that for anyone when they are stressed or overwhelmed, just think there was probably someone else in your same shoes or situation.

And did you end up hospitalized? Because I can’t figure out how to get these soundwaves out of my mind. Good advice, but different way to cope, it’s difficult.

Brain down dragging in the dirt, parasites and grubs all around the folds. Whisper whisper, will it all go away?

It’s just a med review, right? nothing bad will happen?

I haven’t been taking the lithium, everything tells I’m a piece of ■■■■, look out, look out, a big tree in the way! They say it’s all relative.

Is this iatrogenic!?!?!

I’m nervous to see the psychiatrist. This is one that I only see a few times a year. She’s quick to send me to the hospital. Things are building up over here, pseudo-auditory stuff. Visual at that too. Delusional so says the nurse… well, I don’t know. This is always less fun than mania. Where did it go? I don’t even care if it’s a mixed episode, I’ll take it!

Why do they doctors know the names of the entities? :-/

…if they cannot hear them, why do they know/and remember??!

Did you maybe tell a doctor the names of your entities / voices and it’s recorded in your chart somewhere? That would be the most obvious answer.

Please try to calm yourself and your entities as much as you can. Soothe yourself, don’t try to self-medicate with any substance. Give yourself water and rest and good solid food. Give yourself comfort and nurturing.

These voices are trying to communicate something of importance to you but it sounds like they are just overwhelming and frightening you. Can you ask them to slow down or take turns? Can you communicate with them in writing or through a cell phone?

Going inpatient is not a bad thing. You sound like you need a helping hand and that’s what they’re there for. If you spend a few weeks getting better, isn’t that worthwhile?

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