Too low a dose sign

When I am experiencing anxiety I can clearly tell the signs.

However when it comes to APs what is the first sign you notice?

Too low a dose sign is hallucinations and delusions and sitting there with my eyes wide open and abusing alcohol at night

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Thanks once I’m in a delusion however I’m past the turning point.

What do you mean by “once I’m in a delusion I’m past the turning point?”

I meant past the point of no return I’ll say that once a delusion is active I don’t know I’m in one, you ever have that experience? So you lose all reality and you don’t know it. That’s why I’m looking for signs since my pdoc lowered my dosage from 6mg to 4mg risperidone. Thanks kind of like the movie shutter island.

Well I do know that once one is truly delusional, the ship has sailed and must be sunk.

However I keep my delusion ships from making it very far. I call my delusions out.

It’s a skill many patients who are quite far along in recovery have. You can learn it. Read books about schizophrenia. Get a picture of what is wrong, what to expect, what to do about it, and also learn to accept the illness because it is permanent.

Learn as much as you can about how to beat schizophreni.

I suggest reading Surviving Schizophrenia 6th edition by Fuller Torrey for a start.

It’s a big book but it may change your life.

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m a psychology student myself, a pretty solid researcher actually. I got into studying the mind because I was always told I was mentally ill. I’m writing a thesis about a program to reduce stigma of mental illness. Stigma is the negative view, the negative label we have attached to our illness. For example, if I tell someone I meet that I have schizophrenia, they might tell me that they think I will kill them in their sleep.

I want to help people from thinking that way. It’s happened to me too many times. I got sick of it and decided to write a friggin thesis about it.

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My first signs are

  • feeling of fear (no reason)
  • stop sleeping
  • no shield against voices
  • Jerek appears ( my guardian angel)
  • time is missing
  • hard to think (stop or rushing)
  • hard to read (inability to focus)

Hope that helped you.

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Feeling of fear for no reason is an anxiety symptom. It’s important to separate the symptoms. inability to sleep I used to write down bizarre ideas when I was too low or off AP. I think although there could be other factors that inability to sleep is the main symptom to watch out for. Just last month I had a psyche stay it was from insomnia however it was not from lack of risperidone it was anxiety lack of Klonopin. Everybody has their own symptoms to look after I’m just trying to keep ya on your toes have a good one.

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That’s what most younger people I’m 33 don’t realize that it is permanent. There is a tremendous number in population like 1/5 that suffer some form of mental distress. There is also like 2 of those 5 people who carry that negative stigma of mental illness. I consider those the normies who have been dumbed down and fortunate enough not to experience the woes of mental illness but I wouldn’t want to be them they may be stable but lack the intelligence and are probably over religious sorry if I have offended some but the the truth stings.

That’s a great route to pursue as I have many questions none in particular atm I’ll get back to you on it mortimermouse