Too long unemployed. Now unemployable

De nada amiga…

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Yep you gotta believe in something or else…

I don’t know what it is like to work today. It does seem like you and me are “harbingers” of what is to come; sort of like physical ESP> I think :harbingers: is the right word.

i dont think it is good on my cv that i have been out of work for so long,

i have college and volunteering to make up for it though but its still not the same as a paid job

even a part time job would be something but i cant even do that just now

i have been out of the game, sick and unwell now for too long

so i will need some really intense rehabilitation to get back in to it

i’m hoping to get a job at the end of my college work after uni (if i can get that far)

and i want to try and do some more voluntary work as well if i am able

I have long periods of unemployment too. I would work in a factory, but I don’t think I could make it through the summer months because of the heat. My anti-psych med’s make me more sensitive to the heat and the cold. I’ve worked delivering pizza. It’s not a bad job, and I can hang on for a while like that. It’s hard on your car, though. Most pizza delivery operations are pretty relaxed about their hiring practices. There is a high turn over in that job, and they’ll take just about anybody. Another job that will take anyone is telemarketing. You need to be able to make sales, though. I don’t know what telemarketing is like now that they passed that job restricting it. In either one of those jobs, if you found some way to cover up the gaps in your work history, they’d hire you. Some places are rethinking their policy of not hiring older workers.

I took a class on writing resumes and answering interview questions, and my instructor said you should explain gaps in your employment history on your resume. He gave the example of his wife who took time off to raise their children. Her job was listed as founder and CEO of Miller’s daycare specializing in ABC. It was something along those lines. But you can be creative with whatever you spend your time doing. Employers will ask about gaps so it’s good to be prepared. One of my problems is a lot of my jobs I only worked at for a year. I know this is a red flag. I’m hoping once I get my degree they won’t care too much about the retail work I did.

I haven’t worked since 2010 though but am in school. I’ve been doing an internship so that I can use on my resume. I finish school in August and am nervous about finding a job. My GPA is good at a 3.98 and I have letters of recommendation from my instructors. When I look for jobs just to see what is out there most want experience. I’m hoping to find one I can do from home. I’m confident though the right one will come along. :sun_with_face: