Too lazy to do sport?

I heard it is one symptom of relapse
About the last 1.5 months i didnt do any sports even walking and stop dieting and gained 8 kgs
Any suggestions ?
To stop that

I went to my niece’s soccer game. Does that count? Hahahaha

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Try to get into a routine. I think it helps everything. I try to take pills same time, go to bed same time etc etc. Doing some regular exercise is where you start. A good 30 minutes of brisk walking is a good place to begin… Once your going it gets easier for sure.


LS! I get money, PGB (persoonsgebondenbudget) from the Amsterdam municipality to hire somebody to help me train. The budget I get is 11.000 yearly, good for five hours a week accompaniment. Training with somebody else really helps. And this week I am going to join a gym. Another tip is to train along a Youtube video. I do seated senior Tai Chi with David-Dorian Ross.

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Not lazy, I just have a bad heart. I just go for walks.

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Minutes ago after i post the question here i went for 30 minutes walk
I sweated alot
I feel fine
Voices sweared i will never go walk again
I sweared i will walk 5 times this week even if i stop for some weeks i will back again i have no problem with that


When I was at my thinnest I made a long list of dieting tips, inspired by Japan and what Japanese people do to keep, below this photo, which might help (I am not allowed to post links. To see the list should you be interested, please google japanese diet timtak)

It is a constant battle though. Sometimes I have man breasts

and I think I will again, alas.

I hope you keep walking.


LS! Hi! Thanks for your website and advice. If you think you got manbreasts that is nothing, mine are the size of any sumo wrestler. I tried to benchpress a lot to get rid of them but it did not help.

Sti k with gentle sports like walking.
I do body pump and Pilates classes that is ok

I have no idea what works for you and in what kind of place you live. For me it works to not use a car (I have none) but walk and bicycle to places. That’s my main exercise. But I can imagine if you live somewhere where distances are bigger…that doesnt work.

I tried picking up exercise (fitness), but I failed, because I hated it. Now I dance. It works better because 1. there is someone else waiting for me. 2. it is a regular lesson. 3. I genuinely like it. 4. I can work on actually improving in something. For me those are the ingredients needed to do something active.

Diet is an everlasting issue for me, let’s not talk about that. I am not the one to give advice.

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That is nice! What are the demands to get such a budget?

My man breasts were not so big.

I have a feeling that human happiness is usually related to gradients rather than states. You can be rake thin and be dour. But if you have very big man-breasts and make them just big man-breasts (i.e. a “very” has been removed) then you can be as happy as, or happier than, the rake thin person.

I hope that the OP @saynow can keep walking.

I agree entirely with Marian: I find that my will power on its own is useless. I need to involve others, do it regularly (or rather integrate it into my routine), like it, and improve.

Practically speaking, if walking is your thing, then walking, even part of the way, to your work is effective, but just thinking and attempting to go for a walk often is tricky. I make my commute longer and longer and cycle to work. Perhaps saynow can find some to walk with, a way to integrate it into routine, or a walking competition.

Strava or similar apps, if you have a smart phone is a possibility. My wife banned me from using Strava because it made me compete, in virtual cycle races, on the street.

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LS! You have got to be a bit lucky with the town you live in. Information should be on the website of the town you live in. The PGB money for accompaniment (begeleiding) is handed to the SVB after you qualify for it. Then you can find one or more qualified people on the internet ( You can check right now whether someone appeals to you. I hire two persons from my budget, it would be boring to have the same person for five hours weekly. So long!

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