Too easy, too brave?

Life is more serious than I’m taking it, I need to introduce more healthy fear into my life and just be more aware of my surroundings.


What examples of healthy fear?

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Ride the good times and enjoy them! We all know they have a habit of not lasting!


My life’s a joke so I just go with the flow.


Physical, I will sometimes get angry at the roommate or the customer service person etc. I forget that I’m the one who grew up as over-protected middle class while my roommate has a violent past and counselors believe him when he tells them he had ties to the Mexican mafia. I believed some of his stories from the first week I moved in but I’m still going to get angry and I’m holding my own but the guy seems like the real deal. If only half his stories are true, he’s had experiences that I’ve never heard anything like them. Sorry, I get a little dramatic sometimes, life isn’t as exciting as I make it out to be.

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I figured out thirty years ago that by the time most people reach their mid to late twenties that they have had to have had some crazy experiences or even at least, seen some crazy stuff.

“Healthy fear”, very good statement, this is a bit of wisdom,

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Yes, but know the difference between healthy fear (seems related to respect ) and paranoia.

That’s rough! I live in a high crime neighborhood and I go walking so every time I go walking someone speaks to me and it’s usually not nice. I’ve had to push someone who was getting in my face and tell them to get out of my way. He was probably in a gang, but if I let them get away with it, they’ll come at me worse.

I usually carry a folding knife and I’m not the violent type, I just have no delusions (ironically) about where I live or who my neighbors are. In fact, my back neighbors, who live in a back house behind mine, tend to get into physical fights on the weekends. I hold my cat and hope it doesn’t escalate any further.

People here are in gangs or at their lowest point, just waiting for someone to tick them off so they can snap. I’m not in a gang and I’m not at my lowest point, but if I don’t react I might end up dead, so if they get in my face I stand my ground.

One pdoc actually asked, how much is the paranioa and how much is the very real environment you live in? I was like good question ah I don’t know.

Is your roommate bullying you? If he is, that’s rough. Any chance of a new roommate or new living situation?


He’s not pushing me around or anything he’s just vaguely threatening and hands down, the most annoying person I’ve ever lived with. In a small way, it kind of makes me happy that he’s annoying. It makes me happy that someone who claims all the cool stuff he says he’s done ends up as an old 58 year old, annoying, irritating person. But yeah, I will probably start bullying him back. Hell, my back is messed up but who really needs a back anyways?

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Some people’s truth can be overwhelming. It even could make us seek a cacoon. None of us have walked in another’s shoes.

The bowling alley? Yes, I am fascinated at what people hide.

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