Too early to try medication?

Hey guys, new here :slight_smile:

I have not been officially diagnosed, but I’ll tell you my symptoms and tell me what you think.

About 5 months ago I totally changed, in like a couple a days, i started being dizzy kinda, my whole perception of the world has changed in a way.sometime Its like my brain don’t understand what I see as clearly as before. I Don’t see the world like it used to be. I’m constantly fatigued. I always been a really down to earth guy, and still is. The only mania or obsession I seem to have is about this very change in perception. I do reality check all the time. Also reading seems harder and short term memory affected.

I did my blood test and everything, and the doctor really don’t know.

The only positive episodes I had was on the third day it first started. Woke up in the middle of the night doing some sort of seizure or something. With a very loud electric noise, lasted about 10 mins.

Never happened again

Other thing sometime I’ll hear voices when I’m about to drift off. But it’s geberish and fall a sleep in this cacophony pretty easily.

I understand it does sound like it but I dont see how I’m gonna end up having delusions and stuff.

I’m gonna see my doctor tommorow and see a psychiatrist in not much. I wonder if it’s too early to try medication. I really don’t wanna agravate my negatives symptoms since they are basicly the only thing that bothers me. So I don’t know what to do. Is it too early to try medication? I already have benzodiazepines they help me not to care but makes me more dizzy so I rarely take them

Doesn’t sound like SZ to me, but I’m no doctor. That’s who you should be taking advice from.

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I agree with Pixel. Only a doctor can say for sure.

If you start hearing voices in your head(auditory hallucinations) that means that u are sick. That’s how my illness started. Are the voices commanding you to do something?

No not at all the voices are Familliar voices (friends familly)telling random things, it’s different then thinking tho, its really when I’m in between sleeping and awake, but it’s really hearing them but I know it’s in my head. But it was scaring/suprising me at first. And would make me wake up since it feels real. But I’m used to it now. (I was smoking a lot of weed and that since 8 years ,and was always super tired when going to sleep so maybe that’s why I wasn’t hearing that, I completly stop now since my symptom started 5 months ago)

Thanks for the other replys, but my doctor is just like idk. Sooo I just wait I guess, I’m seeing her tommorow but i already know what she gonna say :frowning:

Woah that would explain that I guess, that’s pretty reassuring to know.


I’m still stuck not knowing what I have tho, if it isnt SZ I’m scared I have some degenerative brain disease or tumor or somethin :sweat:

But yea I know this is a SZ forum not a general health forum. And you guys can’t really know what I have like that

Thanks minnii and you guys, I’ll proly come back if I have some other news.


Good luck with your appointment :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

It sounds like you are doing the reasonable thing - Talk to a doctor.