Too concerned with facts

I feel guilty for being so concerned with facts and the truth, and being so uninterested in other peoples feelings. I am able to empathize with others if I want to, but often choose not to because it’s tiresome. Do you guys think this could be related to schizophrenia? I also cannot stand being touched unless I initiated or approved the contact. Is that related to sz?

Is it possible to have just a couple of mild symptoms of autism and not have an autism spectrum disorder? Could that explain it?

I feel like it’s important I understand this. Is it wrong of me to be so concerned with facts that I often knowingly ignore what people say about their feelings only to share some fact or opinion about what’s true and what’s not true? I try not to hurt people but I’ve been thinking thay maybe this does hurt someone. Thoughts? :confused:

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Well man. I’d worry about the symptoms and not the labels.

These things all sound pretty normal to me. In both SZ and non SZ people. Asperger tendencies… a lot of people have those as well. I know I do.

I’d just focus on relaxing and keeping yourself entertained.

You are just fine being who you are, don’t fret about changing over night. You can slowly step out of your comfort zone as time goes on.

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Hi! I also do a bit of that about being concerned with the truth and think it’s because of all the delusions, and also have problems being touched, also think it is related to the disease.

But I have made progress, trying to be more calm when others express their feelings so when I answer I can be more supportive, and trying to touch more of others (not in an intrusive manner) so I can deal when being touched.

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Those are great tips! Thanks guys :smile:

Not sure if I am ready to touch or be touched just yet but I need to deal with that eventually as well. I actually hurt myself backing away from a hug a while ago. lol…

But… if anyone out there finds the way I respond to them unsympathetic, please let me know.


I would say yes . People often have traits or match a diagnosis at a sub clinical level without meeting the full diagnostic criteria.

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:Just the facts ,maa’m".

The left hemisphere of my brain is constantly feeling stressed. I, too, used to feel I had to understand everything empirically to feel confident, but I shifted out of that mode of thinking b/c it is endless & impossible to complete.

Over this past summer I’ve just been applying myself to learn to relax and become more passive about situations. I have a lot of years left on this Earth and I have to live them correctly if I want sound health later down the road.

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I actually feel like I am finally being myself… I love learning things and focusing on facts and details is something I’ve always done in my head, and enjoyed. I feel like I taught myself to be something I wasn’t.