Too bad, (tant pis)

I’m not the one helping liars. Not meant for people, they’re harassing.

Not translating right.

It was meant for someone always lying about me.

who lies about you?

Stalkers do. They’re always trying to cause problems for me. I was just mad because this woman was acting disgusted. I can’t be homeless forever because someone tries to locate me, and then causes problems I get blamed for.

Ha, tant pis is French.

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I used to think it meant; too bad. But it says; nevermind.

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I’ve had stalkers when I was on campus,
but it was all jokes.
it didn’t help then, having their attention,
grandiose thoughts of sz.

Mine lately are doing things and accusing me of things they do. They also break in all the time.


or just a bad neighborhood?

I don’t know. Seems to be at least 2 types of stalkers; sex offenders and people who want to persecute and lie about the mentally ill.

who knows why, right, they want to do that.
not sure where you’re at,
but in the states,
stalking is against the law.
when I had it,
I should have contacted
the Attoney General/ Governor’s office.
I did go to ombusman office,
but they didn’t help me.
I don’t think they believed me.

They don’t usually believe it, even though people are always helping stalkers. The last place I lived, I told the utility company and social services where I lived. No one else. After telling the utility company, a week after moving in; some guy was pounding on my door at 1:00am and I had to call the police.

do you remember any time in your life that you pissed somebody off.
Revenge is serious.
I thought that right at first,
since I used to be very pretty, and I might have ditched some guy.

Yeah, I’ve pissed people off plenty. When someone has been stalking me, I’ve said pretty insulting things. They say worse things and threaten me.

wow, usually they’re sneaky, no conversations or anything.
I’m so sorry that’s happened/happening to you.

hard enough dealing with sz.

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Afaik it means too bad.