Tonight's hallucinations

Brains having a few hiccups. I’m fine though just venting.

Kept hearing a girl giggling in my right ear, then she said “do it”

Lol I don’t know what that’s about.

Umm when I close my eyes I end up in some asteroid field in space, there’s different starships up there just meandering through the field. Some space debris bouncing off some of the asteroids. It’s just goes on and on.

It’s a recurrent theme when I get closed eye hallucinations.

Makes it challenging to try and go to sleep. Can’t sleep with eyes open :expressionless:

And also I saw dead afterlife , like a crowd of them.

Welp gonna eat something and try to sleep again


That’s hard to deal with. If you don’t sleep well it’ll just get worse. Do you need a med adjustment?

Yeah I slept. I’m meeting with my pdoc on Monday to discuss stuff. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Glad you slept. That’s great :slight_smile:

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