Tonight's entree? - Goat! No, seriously, I ate goat

My wife and I tried something new - Caribbean and African food. I had the stewed goat with curry, and she had chicken-jambalaya-something. I liked her meal more than mine. For the record, as you’re all wondering, goat is not very good. It’s very fatty (and it’s chunky fat), but very soft. Kind of like soft steak. I only ate a third of it…I was not too impressed. Oh well, I can now say I’ve had goat. Both meals were spicy from all the curry. The chicken was fall-off-the-bone, and I thought it was super. I’d eat her chicken if I went back, but she doesn’t want to…it upset her stomach.


You ate your mother-in-law?!?




No, but I’m thinking of sacrificing one for her. Bet that would go over like a lead balloon!

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its interesting trying different cuisines. i only like goat meat if its cooked as a kebab/ satay.

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Cow head taco.

15 characters are worth eating and entire cow head.

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Cow tounge is good if its cooked right

I once had an opportunity to eat calf fries, but I couldn’t do it out of loyalty to my gender.

LOL no explanation needed

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I’ve never eaten the head parts of a cow but I would like to

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