|||}!{|||~Tonight is Going to Be Your Great Night~|||}!{|||


Grab Your Comfort Drinks. Your Comfort Smokes. Your Comfort Edibles. Hug Your Loved Ones And, Ask Them How Their Day Has Been. Call an Olde Friend or Friends And Let Them Know You Are Thinking About Them. Snuggle With Your Pets!. And Say Hello to Your Neighbors!.

Maybe Draw a Smiley Face With Crayons!.

Write a Poem About The Sun And Moon!.

Take a Picture of a Tree!.

Cook a Healthy Meal For You And Your Friends!.

No Friends?. No Worries!. Be Your Very Own Best Friend And Smile in The Mirror!.

Maybe Read a Book You’ve Already Read And Loved, Once Again!.

Maybe Invite Friends & Family Over And Play a Board Game or Some Cards!.

So Many Options in Thus Universe!.

So Many Options That You Cannot Fail!.

Failure is Not an Option!.

As Albert Einstein Has Said, Long Ago, ‘YOU NEVER FAIL’.

So. Be His Student as He Shall Be Your Futuristic Nostradamus!.

The Whole World is Yours For The Taking (!!!).

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:


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