Tongues and word salad?

What’s the difference between speaking in tongues and word salad? I’m not christian and I’m scared my pentecostal mom is manipulating me to speak in tongues and come back to the faith. I spoke in gibberish last night. Is it word salad or tongues? What’s the difference?

I don’t see a difference but word salad is the technical term for nonesensical talking.

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Both are generally the same IMO.

I think when you speak in tongues you make up words… When you have word salad maybe you use words that you know nonsensically.

I think “speaking in tongues” is supposed to be the utterer speaking in real languages that are supposedly unknown to them.

Word salad is just basically nonsensical talk.

I’m not 100% sure though.


When you speak in tongues you don’t really form coherent words. Word salad is coherent words, but strung together in a manner that makes no sense.

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Read fox in socks as fast as you can to defeat your mania

Word salad is messed up.

I thought I was having a mutually beneficial conversation with the doctors and nurses, but in this reality they had no idea what I was talking about

Didn’t find out about this until years later when I found the diagnostic report that mentioned this contrary to my own recollection - which is strange as my memory is pretty good

In word salad, the words and sentences are linked, but very loosely. I’m not sure speaking in tongues has any pattern.

One time when I was being taken in I decided to throw out random words to confuse the cops…

Does it still count as word salad if it was intentional? That was back when I was still psychotic.

I believe word salad happens when you have a specific sentence in mind, yet it comes out all wrong. It is not purposefully done.

In the churches I attended as a kid who practiced speaking in tongues, it was a kind of ritual. The purpose was to allow this God figure to speak through you, allowing you to speak legit languages you don’t know. The purpose, basically, was an intentional bout of gibberish.

I believe the difference is intention. With word salad, you can’t control it, you’re not trying to speak gibberish, yet you do anyway. With speaking in tongues, speaking gibberish is the goal.


I’ve been wondering about word salad recently. Sometimes I can’t help rhyming and I’m not sure why. I don’t do it intentionally, it just slips out. I don’t do it to be funny, but I guess I sound odd. Is this a kind of word salad?

I make up words and phrases all the time.

Word salad can be symptom of neurological/psychiatric condition.

You don’t have control over it.


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