Tonglen Meditation for Paranoia

Tonglen is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice that is one part of Metta (“Loving-Kindness”). In my experience, Tonglen is an excellent way to engage with people that you think are trying to harm you in anyway.

If you think a person you know is plotting to harm you, but it’s in fact psychosis, then see their suffering take it away with your in-breath. Visualize the in breath as black smoke. Then on the out-breath imagine rejoicing for their improved health.

I use this as part of a 3 part grounding routine. It was originally for PTSD but I think it works great for auditory hallucination and especially social threats.

  1. Tonglen

  2. Body Awareness: I focus on the subtle feelings of my left foot, then right foot, then both feet. Finally I focus on the space between my feet. I adapted this from Open Focus.

  3. Finally Visual Naming: that name/describe objects in your environment.

I’m not sure if you should do naming and then body awareness first, but hey whatever works.

doing grounding gives me more power over voices.

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