Tomorrow's plans

Well today I didn’t get the curtain rod in the workout room up because the curtains I thought were going to go in there were not to my liking. So tonight I picked out new curtains online and now that I have their dimensions I can go ahead and hang the rod. Once the curtains get here it will be super easy to get them hung up.

In addition to hanging that last curtain rod I have to finish cleaning the patio. It took most of the day for the puddle to dry so I never got around to sweeping. Then I need to do dishes of course and clean the litterbox. I need to dust and vacuum too.

Other than that I have little decor projects, putting photos in frames, hanging paintings, painting a little shelf, making a wreath and decorating a wooden box. All fun stuff you do when your bored and want a project. Doesn’t have to get done tomorrow.


Busy busy leafy.
I wish I got as much done as you do.

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My plans for tomorrow are to clean my room up a bit and do some studying and writing. I also need to schedule my certification exam at some point. I might meet up with a friend, but I don’t know for sure that will end up happening.

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